The game of poker is a multi-faceted game that makes it fun yet challenging for a player to make the best opportunity out of serious situations. It is a challenge for the player to factor in the relevant concepts. A player has to tighten up from the blind which has to be big or if a player has different mindset the other blinds are also possible. This is to improve the results a player is getting from the game or having a little sloppy with the gameplay at

The full house hand:In the five community card there is three card with the exact same value and the two community cards have a different value that matches with each other. If any player holds the same hand this will bring the game to a tie situation and in any such case the cards with the highest matching value mostly the three same value card will win the game. example of the same is mentioned here a king of spades, king of hearts, king of diamonds and the remaining two community cards being four of clubs and four of spades. The hand here is known as the full hand and the person with the highest value among the three cards will win the game.

Satellite tournament at :

Let us imagine a situation in a satellite where there are nine players get an entry in World Series of poker and there are ten remaining. The action of the tournament folds around the player with a range of 100,000 chips in the tournament who moves all in from the blind which is quite small. If a player is sitting in the big blind with an ace of spades, an ace of clubs and also 100,000 in the tournament in the chips who have moved all in from the small blind. Now that the player looks around and see few opponents with only a thousand chips left which is the size of the current bling which is big. Obviously, a player from these short stack is mostly to be bust soon enough. There are high chances that they are collectively out of survival with 100,000 stacks is extremely remote. A player would be likely to be 99% chance to get a WSOP to enter why a player would call with an ace of spades and ace of clubs busting next around twenty percent of the time. Knowing about the poker tournament strategy where ICM caller plays tighter. While the big bind should be adjusted the calling range from being a regular 36% to just 10% of the hands to the account for the effect of ICM in play.