The state of online poker Fall 2010: the situation with online poker for a player from the United States has changed in recent years after the adoption of the Law on the illegal application of gambling on the Internet or the UIGEA. The enforcement of this law was officially enforced last year and, as a result, players reported a much more difficult time depositing and withdrawing funds from an account at the poker sites.

Cases in the department

There have been several cases in which the government of the United States, in the form of a Department of Justice or a Department of Justice, confiscated funds from bank accounts in the United States in which the funds were intended to be distributed among the players. The good news is that the poker sites did not disappoint the players and the money was returned to the players who left the poker sites with a bag. Many political observers in the United States believed that there could be some regulation and licensing on the horizon of online gambling, this did not happen, and it is implausible that legislation on online gambling will be approved soon. Experts predict that the laws that change the UIGEA will not be visible for the next five years if they ever do.

Another event is that one of the leading poker sites, PokerStars, has withdrawn its services from the state of Washington since this state has a law that makes playing online poker a crime. Undoubtedly, online poker players in the rest of the United States are concerned, changes in laws and perceptions that online gambling is illegal, while lawyers see this as a false statement, which however It played an essential role in reducing the cuts. The number of players in the poker entertainment sites. The fact that less exciting players perceive online poker as a new hobby is a bad influence on the quality of the game at the tables.

Ability of new players to learn

Changes in legislation, combined with the economic slowdown in the world in recent years, as well as the ability of new players to learn the game of poker, have led to a general tightening of online poker games at all levels. Levels much faster. Poker is a zero-sum economy, so when someone wins, someone else must lose. For players of any level, it is imperative to have all the advantages to be able to compete in today’s game. This means that you should never consider playing the game online without a current poker bonus deposit new member 100% offer.