Gambling is many person’shobby and it makes your mood change and help you forget all your work tensions, emotional tensions. It will sure give you excitement that you need anytime. This Website provides you with more online casino games to try.

Scratch card

This is one of the games in casino. Here, you must select your scratch card. There are two steps involved in this game; firstly you must click on the new card button. Then you can see a scratch card with casino logo on it. Secondly you must scratch the card to see what symbols are hidden in your card.


There are different types of slot games available. Generally you should choose a slot with high pay out.  Branded slots can be avoided and try making bets having higher price to win a big amount.


Every player in this game will start the game having two cards with them. The card of the dealer will not be known till the end. Hit means asking for another card. Stand means you will stand up with your total and end up the turn of yours.

slot games

Casino War

This game is played with 52 cards. This will be arranged like they are in poker. Here Aces will be the higher card. The player and the dealer will have one card each and if player has a higher card then he wins. And if dealer has higher then he wins.


This game starts with bet making. The dealer first throws a ball into the roulette wheel. The ball will eventually land on a number. If any person who done betting on the same number, then he will be given with rewards according to his bet amount.


The main thing of this game is to collect more points by rolling dice of different combination. This Website provides you with more online casino games to try.If a player scores more than 10,000 points, then every other player will get a turn to roll their dice to win.


In this game, the player must score 21 points in two cards. The general possibility would be an ace card along with a card having the value of ten.

Red dog

Before playing, each player will put their shares equally in to a pot. Each player will have five cards each and the dealer deals with them starting from his left in clockwise direction covering all the players and ending with the dealer.