Sports betting have become so popular that you can find most of the sports games in online casinos. There are many different things that each sports bettor should know one among those lists is the staking plan. For the people who do not know what is staking plan is let me define it? The staking plan is nothing but a method that determines how much a player should wager on a sports game. A staking plan is useful to manage your bankroll and it can also help you to manage risks in a better way. They are of two types one is a fixed plan and the second is the variable plan. You can play the sports games on นางฟ้า fun88 but before you start playing let us discuss in brief the fixed staking plan.

  • Fixed wager staking: In this type of plan you can bet on any of the sports games but you need to place the same bet amount each time you play the new game. In this type of plan you do not bother about the type of game, the number of odds, or anything else. You just need to make sure that you fix one wager amount and make the same for each game. It is advised that you make a smaller bet so that you can play for a long time and you get more chances to win. One drawback in this plan is that you will be winning a smaller amount but that should not bother you until you are winning by playing with www188bet net.
  • Bankroll percentage staking: In this type of plan you decide your wager based on your bankroll which means you need to wager for each game some fixed percentage amount from your total bankroll. Deciding the fixed percentage depends on you but usually, the player keeps it low. For each game how much you’re going to bet will fluctuate as it depends upon the total amount in your bankroll. The best part of this plan is that if you are winning then slowly your bankroll will increase and on another side if you’re losing still you will have enough amounts in bankroll for a longer period.
  • Bet it all every time staking: this is the third type of staking plan in which the player has to wager the complete amount available in the bankroll. This is a very risky wager but if you win it you can double your amount.



Hope you understood what is fixed staking is and hope you will be choosing the best plan for your sports betting.