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So how good you are at gambling online? Would you like to play Poker online and looking for a trustworthy and reliable Situs poker online then you are at right place! Visit the official gambling site of Poker and Domino that are global games on QQPokerOnline. This Poker site not only offers fantastic online gambling games but is one of the trusted Indonesian Poker Site that is admired worldwide to bet on various Poker Games. You can use any old or new Android mobile device, tablet and computer to play its wide range of games.Poker is popularly known as Texas Hold’em that is denoted to card gambling which includes 12 cards namely King, Queen, Prince, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 with the symbol of flower, spade, heart and diamond. The player who arranges them the best wins the game.

Follow these tips to play Poker Online on QQPokerOnline Site:

To start your Poker game online, there is a requirement of 9 player and 1 table. All the cards are divided between the players in the form of 2 cards thenthree middle cards which the player uses tobetonline or not.At the end of the game, thewinner is decided as that person who has last two cards that are bigger or even known as best cards.

Situs poker online

While playing Poker online, the player needs to follow a series of activities with the arrangement of cards from the smallest to most significant in the following order:

  • Room Lobby-displays main page,
  • Check-related to running betting amount,
  • Call-following of bet amount that is raised by other players,
  • Fold-not following the bet amount and closure of card,
  • Call Any-following the best of any player,
  • Raise- increase in bet amount up on their wish and
  • All in-to increase the nominal bet on the table.

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Be on the safe side to play online Poker game by opening your account in local banks such as Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, BNI, BRI, Panin, and Danamon which keep every deposit and withdrawal transactions highly confidential.

Reach their 24-hourcustomer support team or use their live chat that is functional without any jam to solve your problem while playing with real money.Otherwise, you can also callthem on their Blackberry helpline number ordo SMS their professional team will respond to you within a few minutes.


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