All casino players are familiar with casino chips. They have been around as early as the Mesopotamian civilization. Casino chips have a rich history and surrounded by fun facts. Let us take a look at some of the popular ones.

Fun fact #1

The establishment of the first casino building was in 1638, but there were no casino chips yet at that time. Casino chips appeared long after the first casino opened for business. People used different small items as tokens, such as golden nuggets, coins, and even gold dust. 

Fun fact #2

Mass production of casino chips began at the end of the nineteenth century. The chips consisted of ivory, clay, and even bones. Plastic, ceramic, composite, and clay composes casino chips of today. Modern casino chips are more durable, although a bit more expensive.

Fun fact #3

Forgery is rampant in the history of casino chips, and it was one of the most significant troubles the casinos faced. They made several efforts to fix this. Today, it is more challenging to forge casino chips than actual money. Modern casino chips often include unique serial numbers and embedded microchips. Some have markings that can only be visible under a black light.

Fun fact #4

The most expensive single casino chip sold on eBay was a $1 denomination chip. It was worth around thirty thousand United States dollars. Casino chips are easy to collect since you can put them in a small box, so there are many collectors.

Fun fact #5

The most expensive casino chip is one made out of 22-karat pink gold with diamonds encrusted on it. It was worth four hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Fun fact #6

You can usually identify a real casino chip by its price. A chip that is not in the range of a dollar or a dollar and fifty per chip is unusual. That may not be an authentic casino chip. Authentic means from the same manufacturers that create chips for the casinos in Las Vegas.

Fun fact #7

You might be wondering whether casinos wash their chips. Most larger casinos have an ultrasonic chip cleaning machines. Those who do not have one send their chips out for cleaning. Several local services do that. Smaller casinos do not have the budget for washing their chips. They use them until they are beyond their ability and capability. They toss them and buy new chips when the old chips get too disgusting.

All land-based casinos use casino chips. They only vary in designs and materials. Online casino games, like Aduqq, Domino Online, and Stud Poker, also use them. Although you may not feel the chips by your touch, they are still essential and a part of the game.