What are Online Discussion Forums?

Internet Forum, Online Discussion Forum, or a Messageboard is a site where people can discuss, post their views, or contradict others on a posted topic. These are not the same as chat forums as the messages are longer here. In some of these forums, messages are verified before they are posted to prevent any kind of conflict. The discussion can be on a single topic or a thread of discussions can be formed due to multiple subtopics. One such forum is พันทิพ in the Thai language.

While in most of these forums, one can message anonymously, some of these require registration before you can participate in a discussion. This makes it easier to identify a person if he tries to create a conflict. Sanook69 is one such online discussion forum that updates you on football and leads you to online gambling sites. One can get every update on football he/she might need for betting.

Forums generally have a tree-like structure. There’s a top containing the categories. There are sub-forums under categories that can further have more sub-forums. One generally starts messaging from the lower levels of the forums.

First of all, a post is submitted. The discussion starts under the post. In most cases, sub-discussions arise from these topics, and sub-forums are hence formed. A user can start from any level of discussion.

When you open a discussion forum, you see a thread of posts displayed. You can select the one on which you want to participate or you can post your topic of discussion.


There are some etiquettes one must follow while participating in an online discussion so he/she doesn’t offend anyone. These are called Netiquettes. These include:

  • Use soft language and avoid explicit content.
  • Don’t insult a community or a group.
  • Your messages shouldn’t start a riot.
  • Nothing offensive about religion.
  • Don’t post any personal data or about a specific person.

One must be very careful while writing something online as there can be thousands or even millions of people who might read what you wrote.


พันทิพ is among the top 10 discussion forums in Thailand. Some of its major discussions are even posted in the press. I was founded by Wanchat Padungrat in 1997 and gained popularity very soon. It was among the very first websites when the internet was just being established in Thailand. The tables for discussion on this site are named after famous places in Thailand. To participate in discussions one has to register as a member or a ticket pass holder and the member is responsible for anything he/she writes on the site. Every member should follow the netiquettes or else their membership can be canceled anytime.