Why Gamblers Love Casinos

It is not surprising that the love affair between gamblers and Casinos have continued to bloom since Casino di Venezia opened its arched gates by the Venetian Canal in 1648. Gambling has always been a suspect activity in the eyes of the rulers of most countries. Not recognized as a productive activity or as a true industry, Gambling has been mostly tolerated by the authorities for its ability to generate large cash flows as taxation. But the historical closeness of gambling with violence and other social evils, has created a situation where it has been shunned by the mainstream religions and believers alike, causing more problems for the authorities. Bloodshed has been common in elicit gambling dens and violent salon bars. The elite avoided these places like the plague, and any gambling that they practiced were done in private. But the advent of Casinos brought a gradual end of connecting Gambling with the underworld. The new Casinos were quiet, civilized and gentlemanly places, where visiting ladies were always treated with civility and courteousness. Casinos gradually entered public life all over mainland Europe in the late 18th and 19th centuries, and the word “Gambling” was no longer used by the authorities because of its illegal connotations. Instead, a new word, “Gaming”, was coined to denote that this activity had legal sanction. Gaming Councils and Committees were formed to regulate activities inside Casinos, and the Casinos themselves extended to becoming homes away from homes for the rich and famous. Gambling in 카지노사이트 helped each other to findacceptance and respectability in society.

World of Casinos

The Change Of Atmosphere

From the very beginning, Casinos set out to dispel the myth of criminalitythat the word “gambling” had come to denote. Only the most respectable and rich members of society were invited to the Casino. The Casinos followed the gaming laws of the country to the letter. Special guards and security were employed to ensure a peaceful and genteel atmosphere in the Casino premises. The Casino itself was lavishly furnished in the best of style. Soothing music played pleasantly, high class dancing was welcomed, and the most delicious fine dining was served with flair and style. Uniformed attendance, lavished attention to every wish of the guests was fulfilled. The games chosen had a long line of aristocratic history. Games like Blackjack and Poker as well as Roulette were offered as mediums for Gambling. The guests could be lulled into relaxing in this atmosphere of pleasure and safety and be convinced into parting with large sums of money. Of course, these guests could well afford it. With Gambling paradises spread in major cities and resorts around the world, Gambling and Casinos are here to stay.