Online betting for baseball is Moneyline-based, which implies taking or laying money odds. The payoff from a winning selection differs depending on the odds. Baseball odds use three-digit Moneyline, making the base at a hundred.

You can see signs on the electronic betting display and betting sheets beside the starting pitcher. A plus sign (+) signifies the underdog, while the minus (-) signifies the favorite.

The Runline is the number to the right of the Moneyline. In baseball, the Runline is identical to the point spread from other sports. Other than the payout differences according to the Moneyline odds, they are also not usually set at a -100 on each side. In the bet, a bettor is wagering one and a half runs by laying a hundred and sixty for every ten that he wants to win.

Listed pitchers option

When betting online on baseball, a bettor can choose one of these methods for each bet:


An action bet is a team against another team regardless of which side the starting pitcher is. Odds on baseball are dependent on the starting pitchers. There are cases where the actual pitcher is not from those listed on the board during the bet. If that happens, all the action bets depend on odds adjustments.

One specified pitcher

A bettor bets on or against one specified pitcher no matter who is the other starting pitcher. In case the specified listed pitcher does not start, it will be a “No Action.” The wager gets refunded in this situation. The bet also depends on odds adjustment in case there are changes with the other listed or starting pitcher.

Both specified pitchers

A bet where both the listed pitchers have to start the game. If one or both of the specified pitchers listed do no start, the wager will be a “No Action.” The bettor will then get a refund. For Parlay bettors, in case one or both the specified pitchers listed on the wagering ticket do not start, it is also a “No Action.”

If there is a pitching change before the game, they will need adjustments in money odds, run line odds, and totals.

Baseball parlays

Up to ten teams can have a limit of ten underdogs in baseball parlays. The payout must not exceed 720 to 1. Parlays can also include totals. All the chosen teams need to win, or the bet loses. In case there is a ran-out, tie, or cancellation, the parlay gets lessened to the next lowest number of games. For example, a three-team parlay with one rain-out game becomes a two-team parlay.

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